Danish Housing associations show great interest in the SURE! project

On October 1st, the first information meeting for potential Danish housing associations to participate in the SURE! project took place at Vitus Bering Innovation Park in Horsens, Denmark – and the outcome was positive.

Info meeting1

The two housing associations, Bolig Horsens and Odinsgaard, were excited about the idea of creating better indoor climates as well as lowering the costs of heating and, in so doing, increasing the sustainability of buildings. Even more so, their curiosity towards the technologies and the level of user involvement in the project was profound.

Representatives from SURE! – Nordic Built for Sustainable Retrofitting were eager to share information about the project in order to leave the potential participants with no questions unanswered. Details about technical components and the conditions for involving the users were of particular interest for the housing associations. Therefore, presentations about changing consumer habits based on involvement of the users, and IC-Meter’s presentation of results from former projects were well received. Here, IC-Meter could inform the guests that former projects had reached a user involvement level of as much as 70% – a number that left the housing associations optimistic.

The curiosity for the project resulted in many well-considered questions and inputs from the housing associations. Subsequently, questions such as the following emerged: How will the lowering of temperature in the buildings affect our purchasing power, and how will it affect the cost price of heat when we buy less? Also, the housing associations saw value in possibly joining forces and entering in the project together. This could create a sense of community.

Of course, it is still too early to say, whether the housing associations are fully on board, as they need to confirm with their respective boards of directors. However, the information meeting certainly took the project one step further in the process of launching a SURE! pilot project in Denmark.

Info meeting2

Representatives from Ecofective, IC-Meter, Insero Energy, Insero Business Services and VIA University College were present at the information meeting. Next month, an information meeting will be held with housing associations from Copenhagen.