Ecofective named top energy efficiency start-up at Nordic Cleantech Open

The winners of this year’s Nordic Cleantech Open, the competition for Nordic cleantech start-ups, have been selected. The winners – selected from a group of 10 finalists – were announced at Cleantech Forum Europe in Stockholm on 19 May. The awards were presented by Sweden’s Minister for IT and Energy, Anna-Karin Hatt.

Ecofective PR

New materials and energy efficiency

Uppsala-based Disruptive Materials won and Cyclicor from Lund was the runner-up. Both companies develop material technology solutions. Ecofective’s energy optimisation system for existing buildings came in third place and was the top performer of the companies specialising in energy efficiency.

Ecofective’s system has been developed from an innovation from Stockholm’s KTH Royal Institute of Technology and is based on measuring a building’s thermodynamic behaviour in real time. The company is part of the Swedish Energy Agency’s company portfolio and has, in a relatively short period of time, signed up a number of property companies in Sweden and Germany as clients.

– It’s great to be part of the winning trio in this prestigious competition for Nordic cleantech companies. We are the only company specialising in energy optimisation to make the final. To be awarded with this prize is proof that the jury realises the benefits of solving old problems with new solutions, says Mats Pettersson, CEO at Ecofective.

Sweden’s Minister for IT and Energy, Anna-Karin Hatt, presented the awards. In her speech, she focused on Sweden’s leading international position when it comes to green technologies:

”We have many young and promising innovators, entrepreneurs and businesses within cleantech. Providing we offer them the right support, these companies could be one of Sweden’s next big players on the international market, in the same calibre as Ericsson and ABB, who continue to be important international players.”

Germany is one of Ecofective’s two main markets.

– Energy efficiency issues are on both the political and business agenda in Germany, as the country is currently moving away from nuclear and fossil fuel energy towards renewables. Of course, reducing the amount of energy used is a major part of that shift, as buildings account for around 40 per cent of Europe’s energy consumption. Ecofective’s solution can save between 15 and 25 per cent of the heating energy in buildings, says Mats Pettersson.

Jury with prominent international investors

Arranged for the third year running, Nordic Cleantech Open highlights the 10 most promising cleantech start-ups in the Nordic region. Cleantech Scandinavia is the main organiser, with additional support coming from the Swedish Energy Agency, the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, leading construction and manufacturing companies around Europe, as well as investors and venture capital firms.

Cleantech Scandinavia is a network consisting of larger investors and professional actors with experience from energy and environmental solutions. The aim is to increase the knowledge about Nordic cleantech companies, primarily around Europe, in order to encourage collaboration and investment.

The Nordic Cleantech Open consists of some 50 influential representatives from multinational companies and venture capital funds. The 10 finalists are selected from a total of 107 contestants, and are subject to an extensive selection process.