Major Danish housing association act as ambassador for Nordic Built collaboration

The major Danish housing association, KAB, sees great potential in Nordic Built’s holistic approach to energy optimization, where the well-being of residents as well as the environment are considered in the development of sustainable solutions for energy optimization .

KAB acknowledges how Nordic Built unfolds traditional methods for energy optimization that focuses on technical solutions into a wider sustainable context and puts focus on user involvement.


In fact, the housing association has already been inspired by the Nordic Built approach in a current energy optimization project. In the project, KAB combines great energy savings with penthouse apartments, balconies and better access to courtyard environments, which is expected to raise the well-being of the residents tremendously.

Jens Elmelund, CEO at KAB, encourages other municipalities to consider the holistic sustainability logic in the planning of all energy renovations.

You can see the full article here (only in Danish)