Acreo Swedish ICT is a Swedish research institute within electronics, optics and communication technologies.

Acreo has 135 employees in Kista (HQ), Gothenburg, Norrköping and Hudiksvall. Acreo’s mission is – through research-based technology, especially ICT – to enhance service and technology development in industry and society in order to enable sustainable growth, a better quality of life, and increased competitiveness.

As one of Europe’s top research institutes, Acreo provides cutting-edge resources and technologies within Sensors and Actuators, Power electronics, Digital communication and Life Science.

The role in SURE!

In the project, Acreo Swedish ICT is responsible for defining and implementing an open communication platform. This enables adding sensors to the system from different sources through standardised interfaces, and it allows for any authorised service provider to access the aggregated data in order to create new services such as different kinds of control or visualisation. Part of the work will be to develop new, sustainable business models that will satisfy all stakeholders from equipment manufacturers, through service providers to housing companies and individual users.

Acreo Swedish ICT

Address:  Isafjordsgatan 22, Elevator B, 6th floor, SE-164 25 Kista

Phone:   +46 (0)10 522 00 30

Fax:   + 46 8 751 72 30



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