IC-Meter is a Scandinavian company, and the concept is developed in Denmark, while all production of hardware is in Sweden.

IC-Meter is owned by an entrepreneur and a company in the health IT sector.

IC-Meter analyses the indoor climate and energy issues by using quality sensors and advanced algorithms without asking form and consultant visits. IC-Meter automatically retrieves local weather forecasts for any place on earth. By comparing the climate inside a house with the local weather, IC-meter calculates ratios for the building density (air switch), the frequency ventilation to water vapor production, and whether people are present or not.

Combined with an external energy meter, for example. from a power company or IC-Meter’s “digital oil meter” energy consumption can be remotely diagnosed and distributed envelope, air circulation and hot water, and solar heat contribution can be estimated.


Adress:    Toldbodgade 12, 1253 København K

Phone:   +45 23 25 75 77

Mail:   info@ic-meter.com

Web:    www.ic-meter.com

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