VIA University College offers a wide range of educational programmes in areas such as health, social education, technology, trade, design, business and animation. 

As Denmark’s largest university of applied sciences, VIA University College strives to be a leading educational institution – in Denmark and internationally. VIA’s eight campuses are located in the central region of Denmark. 20 research centres supplemented by a close cooperation with professional practice ensures that VIA University College continuously develops its programmes based on the latest knowledge in relevant fields.

This task is realized in particular through international research collaboration. As such, VIA´s work contributes with a strong link between practice, education, innovation, research and development, where VIA holds the role of innovation actor with a particular focus on contributing to the interaction between research-driven and practice-driven innovation in industries and professions’ work fields.

The role in SURE!

In the project, VIA University College is responsible for the project management. Furthermore VIA is in charge of the roll-out of the project, including collection and analyses of long-term energy data as well as long-term empirical validation, up to 1 year.

VIA University College

Adress:    Skejbyvej 1, DK-8240 Risskov

Phone:   +45 87 55 00 00



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