SURE project hosts ‘end-of-test’ event in Danish housing association

On Thursday October 6th, the SURE project hosted an event in the Danish housing association Beringsgaard to thank the tenants for participating in the test of the visualization concept ‘Camera Obscura’.


Representatives from more than 20 apartments along with representatives from the housing association and the SURE project got together on Thursday October 6th to celebrate the succesful test of the Camera Obscura concept, which at that time had been in test for more than two weeks. Camera Obscura, which takes the shape of a golden dome that you can enter, is placed in the centre of the courtyard, which is surrounded by the apartments in the housing association, and when tenants have entered the dome, they have been able to see the current co2energy consumption of the surrounding buildings – and how their building compares to the others.

The project served coffee and the Danish pastry ‘hindbærsnitter’, and the tenants were able to ask questions about the project and the dome – the latter having been surrounded by some mystery leading up to the event. At the event, the housing association elaborated on why they have chosen to participate in the project:

We want to be curious and see if we can find technical improvements to reduce heat consumption in our properties. We are also interested in whether we can achieve some behavioral changes via communication to residents in order to save some heat. We hope the two can be separated, so you can see if it’s the technical stuff or the resident’s new behavior that result in heat savings, says Managing Director at Beringsgaard, Jørgen Pommerencke.

Among the residents there was generally a positive attitude towards being involved in the project.

co1It is mostly children who use the yard to play in, but then you will automatically come down here and see what it is. My three-year old son was certainly very interested to see what the dome was all about says resident Kasper Høst and continues: I think it is great that the housing association involves us resident to create a focus on the current energy waste.

The local newspaper Horsens Folkeblad also attended the event with a journalist – you can read their story here (only in Danish).

The images from the event were taken by Horsens Folkeblad’s photographer Lars Juul