SURE! was first project on stage at the Nordic Built kick off in Copenhagen

The old saying ”save the best for last” didn’t apply in Copenhagen on November 20th, when SURE! Nordic Built for Sustainable Retrofitting was the first project to enter the stage at the Nordic Built kick off. At the event, SURE! was represented by partners Ecofective, IC-Meter, BaseN, VIA, Insero and Interactive Institute Swedish ICT.

Nordic Built kick off1

More than 45 participants representing 13 Nordic Built funded projects showed up when Nordic Innovation had their kick off event for the Nordic Built initiative at Eigtveds Pakhus in Copenhagen.

All 13 projects presented their concepts and technologies to an audience of fellow Nordic Built’ers and funding bodies such as Formas from Sweden and EUDP from Denmark. SURE! was the first project on stage, and the presentation was followed by a number of interested questions, e.g. concerning the nature of the user involvement and the reason for installing the optimisation system before a physical renovation had taken place.

The 13 projects were all very different and varied immensely in scope, scale and themes – but with the joint ambition of improving sustainability in the building industry. In addition to providing insight into the different projects, the kick off meeting served as an opportunity to share ideas, experience and network with the other Nordic Built funded project teams – and to seek partners and collaborators for current and future projects.

Nordic Built kick off3 Nordic Built kick off2