SURE! projects “The Golden Rocket” attracts a lot of attention in Sweden and Denmark

Golden Egg
This week, the interactive visualisation part of the SURE! project was installed in the Swedish housing association Graflund in Husby, Stockholm, and in the Danish housing association Beringsgaard in Horsens – and the installation quickly attracted a lot of attention.

Golden Egg 2When the installation started in Husby, people soon gathered around and started asking questions like “Is it an Easter egg?”, “Is that real gold?” or “Is it a camera?”, and some people who had seen the installation from their window even dressed up as aliens and brought down their own smoke machine.

In Horsens, the installation in Beringsgaard also resulted in a lot of interest from the neighbors, who were curious about what the installation does, and after looking at it, quite a few commented that it looked a bit like a shiny golden rocket.

Below you can hear a radio clip from Sweden about the installation, and you can read a news story about it here.

We have also made a short timelapse video from the installation in Horsens.

For now, we encourage people to use the installation and satisfy their curiosity, and then we’ll reveal more about it later on.