BaseN Platform

BaseN_phoneBaseN Platform

The technology is based on the BaseN Platform, which is a proprietary, high performance cloud environment. It provides fully scalable data collection, computing and client presentations for massive data flows in a multitude of industries.

In this millennium, state of the art, scalable computing power is a prerequisite for any large scale service delivery over IP networks. The BaseN Platform is a set of next generation software tools that allow you to monitor, measure, and report the measurement data in a context that is relevant to your business.

Spime oversigtThe BaseN service is a next-generation SaaS suite that enables you to gather measurement data from smart meters, renewable energy sources, inverters, transformers, networked home energy management devices, building energy management, and any other energy device that collects or sends data, and arrange the information in a context that is relevant to you and your customers.

The BaseN service displays the data in an easily understandable, concise and relevant way – real-time and historical. A unified view of status and performance can be seen at a glance, not limited only to infrastructure, but also applications and services, such as solar farm monitoring or real-time monitoring of home electricity use.

In this project, BaseN stores the complete energy lifecycle of the retrofitted home, analyzes the data and creates forecasts to optimize energy use. The advantage of the BaseN Platform is the scalability – it can be implemented to a large volume of houses very quickly.