EE2 is an open system built to integrate any relevant innovations in IT, sensor and optimization logics.

To secure increased energy efficiency, it is necessary to gain clear insight into a building‘s real-time and long-term thermal behavior. The EE2 solution measures and stores such data. When buildings are equipped with legacy heating systems from different manufacturers, it is difficult and expensive to consolidate and control data from these multiple systems. Having installed EE2, cross-system communication and data collection become easy. Moreover, EE2 calculates the complex thermodynamics of a building in real time. Hence, this solution immediately influences any central heating system‘s operational logic and achieves energy savings between of up to 15 percent, irrespective of manufacturer, age or type of energy.



Benefits of using EE2

•     It becomes easy to collect and consolidate data from multiple legacy heating systems

•     You are able to reduce the amount of purchased energy

•     You get a future-proof solution through open interfaces, flexible databases and a fast programming language

•     Since it is scalable, our system can be operated individually or in large clusters of hundreds of systems

•     You can guarantee cost-efficiency through usage of the most proven standard components