IC meterIC-Meter

Indoor Climate Meter (IC-Meter) measures, analyses and visualizes ’online’ indoor climate in a room or building.

The concept consists of a plug in measuring box, a server solution, an app and a website. By combining the indoor climate measurements with the local weather anywhere on the globe IC-Meter calculates a number of key parameters for the indoor climate and air changes. All data is stored in a Cloud solution – the buildings ’Black Box’ – the results are communicated to the user through smartphone and/or PC.

If the IC-Meter is combined with a remotely read heat meter, the heat loss to outside and gain from ’passive solar heat’ can be derived.

The IC-Meter box

The IC-Meter box is equipped with high accuracy sensors which measure temperature, humidity, CO2 and noise every 5 minutes. The unit uploads the data through the users internet (Wi-Fi or Ethernet) or GSM connection.

How can an IC-Meter and indoor measurements be useful?

  • People and health
    IC-Meter is developed to measure, analyse and visualise the actual indoor climate, where medical complaints are considered to be attributed to or positively influenced by ambient conditions. This is particularly relevant in schools, nurseries, meeting areas and offices. IC-Meter also meet the needs of the health and care sectors and document the actual indoor climate in living areas.
  • Building Management Systems
    IC-Meter viewTo manage a building is a matter of managing the technical system based on the climate and the individual needs of the user. At the same time, the building should be monitored to avoid potential humidity problems.IC-Meter delivers indoor climate measurements and weather forecasts so that the building´s BMS and ventilation control systems can collect online data through the internet. The collected data gives the possibility of distributing the heating capacity to the users real requirement for a healthy indoor climate.
  • Energy efficiency analysis before, during and after refurbishment projects
    IC-Meter provides remote assessment and analysis before, during and after a building energy upgrade. Many energy renovation projects have had problems delivering the expected energy savings. Is it the contractor that has not performed or is it a user behaviour issue? Without measurements of indoor climate and local weather it can be difficult to answer this question. In combination with data for the actual heat use, IC-Meter makes it possible to separate the technical and the user behaviour effect.

Add-on for heat management in the buildings

For the Danish housing associations in the SURE-project, IC-meter will be handling the total delivery of metering and control equipment aimed at managing the buildings’ heat consumption.

These control features will be developed as an add-on feature to the existing IC-Meter concept, which is already installed in the project to handle measurement and analysis.