The SURE! project officially launched the Energy Dome in Husby, Sweden

On Wednesday April 20th, the visualisation concept known as the Energy Dome was officially launched in the SURE! project. The event took place at Graflund housing association (D. Carnegie & Co) in Husby just outside Stockholm.

Energy dome

A lot of local residents turned up, when the Swedish housing association Graflund (D. Carnegie & Co) along with the Swedish partners in the SURE! project invited for a barbeque to celebrate the official launch of the new energy visualisation concept known as the Energy Dome.

Ever since we started installing the Energy Dome in Husby, residents and people passing by have been very curious about this large, golden object that had “landed” in a backyard in Husby. Some people have asked if it is an Easter egg, or R2D2’s cousin, or perhaps a space ship. During last week’s opening, we were finally able to answer all these questions and reveal what this so-called Energy Dome actually is. The opening event in Husby was a success, and we are happy that so many residents attended – and we extend a special thank you to the four very excited children, all Husby residents, that assisted in cutting the ribbon, says Therese Balksjö, Project Manager at Interactive Institute Swedish ICT and partner in the SURE! project.

The golden Energy Dome is part of the demonstration in the project, and it is supposed to help visualise – and thus generate an understanding and awareness of – energy consumption. When entering the dome, you can look through a periscope and see the surrounding buildings. The periscope can be turned, and when pointing it at a particular building, you will not only see the building but also what the energy consumption in the building is. That way, you can see how the consumption figures change, when you point the periscope at different buildings.

husbyIn addition to the Energy Dome, the project also launched another concept called Energy Binoculars. These are handheld devices, which are available to the tenants, and when looking through them, you will see text and pictures in 3D offering concrete tips and advices on how to optimise the energy consumption in the home.

Just like the project partners, the local housing association was also very pleased with the event, and they are happy to support the project in achieving energy savings.

We are very happy to support this type of project. Both now and in the future, we need to develop new tools to create awareness around energy consumption – that is a responsibility for us as a housing association but also for the individual tenants. That is why this project is so interesting, says Björn Sundberg, Head of Communication at D. Carnegie & Co.

Within the next couple of weeks, an identical installation will be launched in the Danish housing association Beringsgaard in Horsens, Denmark. Below you will find links to some of the Swedish news stories about the Energy Dome.


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