Unique, new energy-optimising concept is ready to see the light of day

During April, the residents in Husby, Sweden and the Danish housing association Beringsgaard in Horsens will discover ‘something new’ in their back yard.

IMG_4338IMG_4304That something is a brand new concept developed by Interactive Institute Swedish ICT as part of the SURE! project. The aim of this concept is to inform tenants about usage and motivate them to lower their own energy consumtion, and as such it serves as the interactive visualisation part of the overall solution developed in the project – a solution that also consists technologies for optimizing heating and indoor comfort as well as an open ICT infrastructure.

For now, it is still a secret what the concept looks like or what it actually does, but make sure to stay updated here on the SURE! website for more information on this unique new concept, or stop by Husby or Beringsgaard to see for yourself.

We expect to officially launch the concept towards the end of April.