User involvement initiatives were discussed in workshop with Beringsgaard

On Friday May 22nd, the SURE! project held a workshop with representatives from Insero, Interactive Institute and the management from Beringsgaard – one of the Danish housing associations in project. The aim of the workshop was to talk about possible initiatives for engaging tenants in the project.

Beringsgaard workshop

Since all the formal agreements in the SURE! project have been finalized, it was now time to look at the next step in the project, namely engaging the tenants and involving them in the process of saving energy. The aim of involving the tenants is to support the savings generated by the heating management and thereby increase the overall savings generated in the project.

Interactive Institute in UmeƄ, who will be taking lead on the design process, introduced possible design ideas and concepts for engaging tenants. These ideas are based on results from workshops within Interactive Institute. The housing association Beringsgaard found the ideas very interesting and was open to ask their tenants if they could see themselves living with these technologies. Some of the ideas triggered additional questions and further idea development, however, the general impressions was that some of the concepts could be interesting to test.

Among other things, it was considered whether it would be less important to focus on the monetary gains of commitment and more important to make the involvement fun and social.

Finally, the housing association explained how their on-going contact with buildings and tenants works, and what challenges they are facing, so that this can be taken into consideration when developing the final concepts.